About us

PROYECTO ISIDE MUNDO has created the first network structure on the island of La Palma, one of the most beautiful islands in the Canary Islands. The network of integrated tourist products includes stays, excursions and adventures to experience all the wonderful aspects to discover the territory of La Palma and create synergies between all these tourist activities.

Mission in goal: From here it was our mission to create a synergy between the activities and structures already existing on the island for a cooperation that aims to change the old wording of tourist use into enrichment and cooperation.

Today, with PROYECTO ISIDE MUNDO, the tourist has the opportunity to discover, in a single excursion with our FANTIC E-Bike, the latest generation electric bicycles with assisted pedaling, or on foot, the most beautiful archaeological sites, ethnographic areas, culinary and wine-cultural attractions and, what should not be missed, the untouched nature of the island of La Palma in just one excursion.